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LiQuiDNicKs bio

06.06.06 Techno Mass
Image By: MWRave
Nicholas Kollmann a.k.a LiQuiDNicK is a dj / producer / artist hailing from Milwaukee, WI USA. Since 1997 he has been rocking the ones and twos with his unique mixing styles. Known mostly for mixing techno based genres, he often can be found mixing everything from downtempo to hardcore and everything in between. 1997 started it all, The boys of Groovalicous Productions took him under there wing igniting a fire inside. 1998 - 1999 Nick brought some awesome events like Even Furthur, Mission , and Rave Em Bailey 3 where Nick was lucky enough to spin multiplie sets over those weekends. Nick helped throw some events events over the years such as, Celestial Wax and Snow Angel which debuted some great Milwaukee talents. In 2000 he found himself amidst some old friends pumping out some new sounds straight out of Milwaukee. Dj/Producer dou Matthew Heim and William Moglia founders of the Institute Midwest, were pumping some serious hard sounds. Nick joined forces with the two and they hit the road mixng at many more great events together. Since then he has found himself setting new roots in colorful Colorado and finding himself dulving in to the modular realm of the soundscape. Combining all the ascpects of electronic production and recording in a hybrid fashion. Giving a unique sound to many of the tracks he produces. He has also continued to evolve his mixing platform over the years adding a digital mixing arena to the Technics Recently he has joined up with a few artist from Milwaukee WI Jennifer Rademaker (TekTonik)under the monicker The Microwave Society making a huge range of techno based music, as well as some seriously deep and tripped out ambients. Stay close and stay tuned to hear more of his ever changing techno style. As well as some more great mixes from LiQuiDNicK.

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